City governments are looking to build their own broadband networks in order to have the infrastructure in place for the upgrade to 5G technology.

By Halloween, the National Institute of Standards and Technology will have completed a rough draft for Smart City frameworks throughout the country.

Honesty and trust are the keys to mobilizing smart cities, according to chief technology officers (CTOs) from around the country.

The most important components for smart cities are engaging communities and forging partnerships, according to Federal officials.

The Obama administration awarded $80 million in investments in smart city initiatives that have innovative ways to protect the environment, update transportation, increase public safety, and transform city services. The number of participating cities has doubled since September 2015, when the White House first launched the Smart Cities Initiative, exceeding 70 communities.

As policing methods come increasingly under fire by the public, cities across the country are looking to digital methods to improve outcomes and bolster public trust. By 2030, the typical North American city will rely heavily on Artificial Intelligence technologies for public safety and security, according to a recent report from Stanford University.

Smart cities are getting a bit brighter with Verizon’s recent acquisition of Sensity Systems, an Internet of Things startup that provides smart LED lights for streets, airports, malls, and more.

The Federal Aviation Administration will replace existing air traffic control procedures in Southern California with new satellite-based procedures as part of its Next Generation Air Transportation System.

With the implementation of a robust Geographic Information Services (GIS) to provide mapping and analysis services, the city continues to further “smart city” and IoT initiatives across the nation.

The White House announced that it’s collaborating with Federal agencies and private companies to increase the use of electric cars in the United States to combat climate change. The White House plans to set aside $4.5 billion in loans for electric vehicle charging stations, launch the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act to determine where […]

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