States looking to become “smart” can look to smart cities initiatives to inform broader statewide practices, according to Illinois government officials.

The City of Chicago is partnering with CIVIQ Smartscapes, the same company New York City partnered with for LinkNYC, to deploy smart city, interactive CIVIQ Waypoint devices in downtown Chicago. AT&T’s Smart Cities program is covering the cost of the pilot.

A year ago this month, New York City deployed a beta test of kiosks across the city. The program, dubbed LinkNYC, is powered by CIVIQ Smartscapes and gives the public access to free, fast Wi-Fi, free domestic calling, two USB charging ports, maps, and direct access to 911 and 311.

The New York-based Upstate Transportation Association wants to turn back the clock on driverless cars. In a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as well as leaders of the New York Senate and Assembly, UTA raised concerns about potential job losses if self-driving cars become commonplace on public roads.

Smart city technologies open those cities to security and privacy dangers, according to Trend Micro.

As a way to combat public mistrust of autonomous vehicles, the Alliance for Transportation Innovation announced a cross-country autonomous vehicle road trip.

In the near future, 8,000 new residents of Treasure Island, Calif., will travel around the island in buses that drive themselves, according to plans outlined by the city of San Francisco. The project will be funded through a U. S. Department of Transportation award for smart city projects.

The City of Milwaukee is creating a detailed smart city plan after deploying several smaller Internet of Things initiatives over the last couple of years.

The San Diego Foundation awarded an $80,000 grant to Cleantech San Diego to support water technology deployments at the City of Solana Beach. The grant will support public-private partnerships that encourage the adoption of smart city technologies and help achieve water and energy savings in the San Diego region.

The U.S. Department of Transportation is asking cities for proposals to test automated vehicles through the new Automation Proving Ground Pilot Program.

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